The Options Greeks To Beat Brutal Markets


Simpler Trading Team

Jan 21st 2022  .  3 min read

January 21, 2022

Adaptive strategies are essential as traders meet the challenges of this current volatility. Many traders are struggling to generate consistent weekly income in the midst of wild market swings. 

Simpler’s traders utilize market measurements delta, gamma, theta, and vega – referred to as the Greeks. These markers help traders sift through massive amounts of data, protect capital, and maintain steady gains.

A long-standing member of the Simpler Trading team places these markers at such a high level of importance that he makes no move unless the Greeks support the play.

Bruce Marshall, Director of Options and Income Trading, is our “Friday Feature.” Bruce is a 30-year veteran trader who leads by example with a systematic approach that identifies trades that accumulate gains – regardless of market direction.

Using the Greeks to extend time in a trade allows Bruce to remain nimble and adjust to market shifts. When the market punches, he can punch back.

Bruce specializes in protecting trades and adding profits as a trade matures. He profits from well-defined options strategies designed to make money over longer time frames.

With a seven-year run of profits, Bruce continues to work his stand-out trading plan – Bruce’s Income Accumulation System (B.I.A.S.). The focus of B.I.A.S. is generating income in any market environment using a mix of income positions.

“I started B.I.A.S. as a trade service, but it is also a fantastic learning tool,” Bruce said. “My goal is to not only try to make your trading journey profitable, but also as easy and fast as it can be.”

Flexible and forgiving strategies, such as “Bulletproof Butterflies,” “Iron Condors,” or “Simpler Calendars,” are also part of Bruce’s go-to trading methods. These straightforward strategies (which are also his mainstay classes) allow Bruce to target setups where he can “set and forget” a trade until it is time to settle up and take the gains.

There is nothing more valuable at Simpler Trading than our biggest asset – our people. Bruce demonstrates in our online trading rooms that it is possible to continue to produce weekly income with his time-tested strategies.

With the market in its current state of ups and downs, option income traders are being forced to adapt. Have you found yourself in a similar position? Are you looking for reliable weekly options income even in this tough market?

This may be great timing for you as Bruce is set for an all-new class starting tomorrow centering on his “Bulletproof Butterflies” strategy. This is one of his fundamental trading methods designed to work in bullish, bearish, and choppy conditions.

Don’t get knocked out in this volatile market. Bruce’s trading style might just be the answer you’re seeking for consistent, low-risk returns in an uncertain market.