‘Multi-Tool’ Finds Large Percentage Gains


Simpler Trading Team

Mar 30th 2021  .  2 min read

There is a universal attraction in activities – camping, gardening, leisure – for multi-purpose tools.

Such items make work and life simpler and more efficient. Who doesn’t like a spoon that is also a fork, a rake that is also a hoe, or a fold-up chair with a table and a drink holder?

For traders, any tool that tracks multiple data points, places the data into one indicator, and signals opportune times to enter and exit trades is more valuable than any multi-purpose leisure gadget.

Convenience is fun, but trading is about making money as efficiently as possible.

The key to Danielle’s multi-tool is finding “hot zones.”

Tickers entering a hot zone present an opportunistic moment in time to buy… and then ride along with the trade as the ticker makes its move. 

Once a stock has entered a hot zone, Danielle knows it is a good buy based on the timing and statistics that back up this tool.

Danielle will also share how this breakthrough indicator is even more during specific seasons – which occur reliably each year. She has been able to catch large percentage gains… and then repeat the process over and over.

We Saw: Tussle, turmoil over more stimulus, taxes – 

  • Home prices continuing steep rise
  • Freight companies scrambling to move cargo
  • Stock market closes down across the board

We’re Watching: Frustration levels as key tickers sag –

  • Still watching for Nasdaq bottom and support
  • Will Big Tech take the lead in rally restart?
  • Setups in: NFLX, LULU, SPX, LOW, AMAT