Market ‘Magic’ Unveils Path To Potential Profit


Simpler Trading Team

Jun 11th 2021  .  3 min read

There is an ages-old cinematic story about the “Mad Scientist” who works to turn chaos into something memorable and special.

At Simpler Trading, our mastermind of market chaos is David Starr, Vice President of Quantitative Analysis. He is a theoretical mathematician (beats a mad scientist any day) and the creator of the popular Voodoo Lines® and Ready. Aim. Fire!® indicators.

David is this week’s “Friday Feature” team member.

At Simpler Trading, there is nothing more valuable than our people – our biggest asset. 

David headlines this highlight of the newsletter where we present one of our team members making an impact.

David doesn’t typify the Hollywood version of a secretive, quirky genius. People can easily approach him, he’s laid back, and he longs to help all who ask. He shares his knowledge and skill trading the markets to a degree that goes above and beyond expectations.

Still, he does have an almost mystical insight into market behavior.

“The market is much more powerful than we are and cares very little about what we want from our trades,” David says. “But with the right frameworks we can learn to listen to what the market wants and trade accordingly.”

How much David knows about life, technology, business, and trading can be maddening (in a good way) –  even to the best of traders.

Few can match his academic achievements or his entrepreneurial experience building companies and then taking them public. He has been a strategic management consultant to many respected companies and has years of success in financial markets.

Most people don’t realize they already make use of his technology on a regular basis. His patented innovations in wireless technology are widely used in smartphone applications.

Still, David keeps everything simple by “starting each day with an open mind.”

You’ll regularly hear him share how the key to growing as a trader is understanding and managing personal emotions. You won’t see him act all Hollywood and incite account-destroying emotions and behavior when trading.

David knows the individual must avoid provoking emotional reactions when trading. He focuses on developing trading plans, tools, and strategies that allow for an approach to the markets in a calm, collected manner ideal for maximizing profits.

Traders often comment how Voodoo Lines® and Ready, Aim, Fire!® appear to “magically” find  trades on a consistent basis. No complex math or science needed, just follow lines on a chart and work within the setups.

There is no elusive potion in what David does in the markets. He simply applies his proven, specialty tools and strategies in a unique way to create profit potential.

That’s the real magic.