‘Here To Trade’ Mindset Creates Rewards


Simpler Trading Team

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“We’re here to trade.”

That’s the resounding message with this trader’s sessions — a technical trading plan backed by year-after-year-after-year of experience, data, and analysis.

He trades one of the riskiest markets available using conservative, methodical strategies while maintaining balanced risk-to-reward ratios.

Neil Yeager, Vice President of Futures Trading, is this week’s “Friday Feature” team member.

At Simpler Trading, there is nothing more valuable than our people — our biggest asset. The information, resources, and experience our traders deliver is used by beginner and seasoned traders.

Neil headlines this highlight of the newsletter where we present one of our team members making an impact.

Other high-level traders describe his style as understanding the intraday nuances of the indexes better than anyone else when trading against key levels and within short-term day trading setups.

Despite the complexity of the markets, Neil looks at strategies and setups with a keen eye for simplicity and effectiveness.

While strict with his trading plan, his straightforward and easy-going directions allow him to encourage other traders striving for success in the markets.

Neil focuses on futures, currencies, and commodities. Yet even advanced traders have learned from his strategies, statistical modeling, and backtesting and applied these elements across the markets in stocks and options.

Beginners can apply Neil’s low risk-to-reward day trading plays, while more seasoned traders can incorporate swing trading futures and currencies opportunities into their trading plans.

Neil is a regular in the Futures Gold chat room where his laid back, conversational, and direct teaching style draws a crowd. He gets excited about sharing the process and possibilities of a setup while keeping his emotions in check when evaluating the validity of a trade.

He’s not shy about cutting away from one opportunity to pursue a setup with a higher probability of success.

“It’s just a trade” to Neil, and he’s glad to show you what he’s doing and why he believes his plan will be successful.

Neil is patient, but knows how to execute a trade for the highest probability for success once he “checks his boxes.”

So, for those who are “here to trade,” check out Neil’s style in the Futures Gold chat room.

We Saw: tough week of trading across the board — 

  • Every index struggling for direction
  • Big tech taking big hits
  • Few high-probability opportunities

We’re Watching: cash into the weekend —

  • For stronger activity next week
  • Small losses aren’t bad trades
  • Any way to take gains and move on