Gaining Market Edge With ‘Big Money’ Insight


Simpler Trading Team

Oct 01st 2021  .  3 min read

Ask anyone fortunate enough to have a mentor and they will tell you, there is no value one can place on having a strong mentor in your life.

Our experienced and active traders present their ideas, analysis, and strategies to traders of all skill levels. This creates a community of traders focused on sharing so that others may reach their individual goals – and their trading potential.

With the Simpler Trading team, you not only have access to experienced mentors, but traders who combine fundamental and technical data into powerful intuition.

Mary Ellen McGonagle, Senior Managing Director of Stocks, is this week’s Friday Feature team member.

At Simpler Trading, there is nothing more valuable than our people – our biggest asset. The information, resources, and experience our traders deliver is used by beginner and seasoned traders.

A trusted “advisor to the advisors” for 20 years, Mary Ellen has traveled the globe teaching trading methodology to top portfolio managers and analysts. She bases her work on these decades of experience and works to share her experiences with self-directed investors.

Mary Ellen knows what it’s like to be an eager learner. She was only 21 years old and fresh from college when she began working on Wall Street as an assistant on the trading desk at a major financial firm. She was quickly promoted to portfolio manager, with eight accounts worth more than $2 billion. Mary Ellen recognized that “big money” institutions had access to high-level intelligence that individuals did not have when making trading decisions.

Mary Ellen is a veteran momentum trader who reviews the latest charts of stocks on the move and showcases the tools that give her an “edge” in today’s market. Her goal is to outperform the broader markets by at least double.

​​You can find her setups and analysis in the Simpler Trading community through her bi-weekly newsletter, The MEM Edge Weekly Report, and appearances in the Options Gold room.

Mary Ellen has been in the trading trenches through many market cycles. Throughout her career she’s born witness to the dot-com bubble, the 2002 recovery, the 2008 banking crash, the 2009 recovery and the wild pandemic market.

Concise and straightforward, Mary Ellen teaches strategies, such as how to watch volume as a single key indicator to monitor stock price and setups to find high-quality growth stocks just as they take off.

Following Mary Ellen is an alliance with a highly sought after pro for self-managed traders.

“When you gain confidence in your trading systems, you keep your emotions at bay,” Mary Ellen says.

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