‘Forgiving’ Blueprint Charts Uncertain Market


Simpler Trading Team

Feb 05th 2021  .  2 min read

This year has proven that uncertainty is not going anywhere.

Traders are searching for risk-averse setups with no desire or time on their hands to babysit high-stress positions. Can you relate?

Our team at Simpler Trading is always working strategies that focus on high returns with low risk, especially ones that are consistently profitable.

How about a “forgiving” strategy where our trader can win even when only “almost” right?

That’s a great way to describe the breakthrough from Allison Ostrander, Director of Risk Tolerance. Her new strategy is ideal for traders who want low-risk, short-term opportunities with the potential for steady gains in an uncertain market.

Allison is teaching how she’s generating consistent profits with an 89% win rate. In just minutes a day, she’s following a “forgiving” strategy that lets her profit even when the market doesn’t move as expected.

This blueprint for trading in never-ending uncertainty is designed to allow traders of all skill levels to follow a strategy with only a few minutes a day.

As with all of Allison’s strategies, the first priority is to reduce risk and recycle it into profit. It is ideal for risk-averse traders who also seek high returns. 

Want to discover how Allison targets returns of 20% to 200% inside of a week’s time? While this powerful and flexible setup can also excel in up and down markets, it is specifically designed to capture moves in uncertain and choppy conditions, too. 

We Saw: Market indexes pushing higher – 

  • Nasdaq, S&P top new records, Dow rallies upward
  • Oil prices surge, despite political attacks
  • Unemployment pressures tighten grip on consumers

We’re Watching: Less “high profile” earnings reports ahead –

  • Exiting profitable trades at “key moments”
  • Not being greedy and taking available profits
  • Setups in: NDX, PLTR, CLX, PYPL, SNAP