Finding Big Wins, Profitable Trades In This Market


Simpler Trading Team

Apr 07th 2021  .  2 min read

Traders want to know, “Are there opportunities in this market?”

Yes, and the Simpler team keeps showing the why and how when it comes to finding, executing, and closing profitable trades.

John Carter, Founder of Simpler Trading, did it again when he closed a $5 million trade in GOOGL on Tuesday. This is the largest trade of his career and follows a $1 million trade in GOOGL just weeks ago and continues his 2020 pattern of multiple million-dollar trades in TSLA.

How are traders finding and executing “big win” trades?

There are always high profit potential trades in the market. What has proven important in the last year is having an adaptable understanding of the market and effective strategies and tools to find profitable moves.

As an example, John’s million-dollar trades all follow a proven strategy (that began when trading small accounts). John searches for specific patterns where the squeeze is leading into a greater than expected move. He executes the trade and stays with it as long as the move doesn’t go against his predetermined setup.

Factors that help determine success in finding and executing these trades depend on trading style, plan, and account balance… and intestinal fortitude. Like in John’s GOOGL trade, it can be difficult to let the trade work and not enter or exit too early. There is risk involved in these types of trades – in all trading – and risk increases with higher profit potential.

This is where Simpler Trading comes into play.

The Simpler team shares their strategies, tools, and setups live during open market sessions. Traders were able to follow John’s insights, plans, and execution along the way to his latest big win.

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