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Simpler Trading Team

Apr 02nd 2020  .  2 min read

Every trader has to start somewhere on the road to mastering the markets.

The true “shortcut” to profitable trading is to master a single, proven strategy at your own pace and then repeat the process. This forms a foundation for a consistent trading plan that opens up opportunities.

Simpler Trading provides access to essential trading tools designed to develop long-term trading skills. Your trading plan can include:

  • Getting answers through trading platforms, indicators, computers, and more
  • Having access to our team of traders to ask questions about pressing trading topics
  • Starting every market open with a fresh outlook and ideas for trade setups
  • Learning to follow the basics of trading through 24/7 video tutorials

Simpler Trading has delivered a teaching environment to thousands of traders for more than a decade. The trading basics we convey to traders develops a path for future trading plans. Our programs are designed to focus on critical trading skills.

What if we told you that even as a beginning trader (or seasoned trader) you could gain access to a “shortcut” to eliminate the confusion and overwhelm of trading?

What if that access delivered time-tested strategies and market insights to give you an edge when making trading decisions?

What if you could get immediate access to Simpler’s core skill development and trading education?

Why not give it a try today?

Every trading journey begins with a first step — start improving your trading skills by clicking HERE.

Today in the market:

We Saw: a choppy start to the second quarter — 

  • Market reaction to millions of jobs lost
  • Oil industry teetering between collapse and resurgence
  • Retail ups and downs with winners and big losers

We’re Watching: … market reaction to outside pressures —

  • Oil industry struggles, and will production be cut
  • “Pandemic” tickers: which stocks are weathering the crisis
  • Trader emotions: panic and FOMO