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One of our goals at Simpler Trading is to offer as much insight into the tools available to traders.

This has proven more important this year than ever when world-changing events can affect the markets (pandemic crash, Fed, stimulus, leader of the free world contracting deadly virus).

Our goal is not to be pulled in all directions by every “hot” news story, but news of events at this level can impact markets. What helps us get through uncertain, choppy, erratic periods in market activity is a solid understanding of trading tools.

We consider our team of technical experts and support members as top-notch compared to anything related to trading. How we trade and share our technical knowledge is a huge part of why traders of all skill levels are attracted to the Simpler community.

Here are highlights of what you can tap into at

  • “Free Goods” tab opens up a world of newsletters, articles, a blog, hints, videos, and “Simpler Tech”
  • “Simpler Tech” has detailed information about tools, strategies, and trading overall
  • Click on “Dashboard,” then “Support,” and now you’re in the world of the Knowledge Base for even more trade-related information

At any point in your journey through our website, type in a topic in the “Search” box and drill down to what you’re looking for related to trading.

For even more videos, search our YouTube channel and for ongoing tips, information, and live trading (for free) you can follow us on Facebook.

In today’s world, there is always a potential trade happening and thanks to the digital era we’re constantly sending out information for our traders to find trades.

This is all part of our tech and support team working for our community of traders.

We want to make sure you don’t have to trade alone.

We Saw: President’s condition reported improving – 

  • Markets spiking on positive president health news
  • Majority positive tickers in S&P 500
  • Politicians claiming the market is “for” their candidate

We’re Watching: Caution with big trades, looking for smaller wins –

  • Squeeze setups in stocks that are moving
  • President’s status and effect on markets
  • Setups to get in the game and off the sidelines