Emotions can create ‘click happy’ traders


Simpler Trading Team

Feb 12th 2020  .  2 min read

Traders face a flurry of feelings every trading session and an important trading rule is to keep emotions from spiking along with the markets.

Trading plans can be thrown off track by excitement during a surging market or panic during a market going against your positions.

Where were your positions today when the DOW pushed higher once again?

Simpler Trading encourages traders to guard against letting emotions run straight through their “clicking arm” to their computer mouse. “Click happy” trades can cause you to buy into positions that won’t deliver winning results.

Participating in an interactive community of traders connected online at Simpler Trading helps develop sound trading plans.

Learning from the veteran traders at Simpler helps individuals develop “conviction” in their trades to make sound decisions whether the market is up or down.

With almost daily new highs in the market there is great opportunity in trading.

Traders are encouraged to focus on their own risk tolerance while pushing for new trade opportunities.

Where can we push the envelope but not go over the edge? It’s the edge we’re all working to find.

We Saw: Markets rising despite coronavirus fears — 

  • News of Huawei possibly spying on telecoms
  • Democrat primary results stirring market concerns
  • Fed talks fighting any downturn

We’re Watching: opportunities throughout the markets — 

  • If you have good profits, it’s OK to grab the gains and take the day off
  • When the market goes against your position — no whining, no crying in trading
  • Open yourself to change — it’s how we grow

Learn more about navigating news and the markets — check out the Simpler Trading community HERE.