Dynamic Entries Adapt To Chop, Rips, Rallies


Simpler Trading Team

Nov 19th 2021  .  2 min read

Looking for a way to adapt to these wild market shifts?

Being nimble in this bullish market that seems to want to flip at any time is a skill crucial to success for Simpler’s traders. When the market shifts, it does so quickly.

Traders who don’t prepare could find themselves “catching knives” when the market makes a pullback or bottoms. That is not a good position for any trader – which is why one of our traders adapted a strategy for dynamic entries to trade in the current market condition.

At Simpler Trading we value our people and their trading experience. This week’s “Friday Feature” highlights a Simpler trader who provides a formula designed to help traders get their trading back on track, trade more efficiently, and work to grow their accounts.

Joe Rokop, Managing Director of Commodities and Equities, developed his Strike Zone Strategy 2.0 class. He demonstrates his process for catching big gains despite market shifts. Joe has managed to maintain account growth even in this uncertain market chop. This market continues to rip, chop, and hit all-time highs, and accounts have been crushed.

Joe shares his secret weapon for success – the futures market. Whether trading stock, options, or an exchange traded fund (ETF), many traders find a new path trading futures. The futures market holds a distinct level of risk while offering leveraged profit potential.

Joe is an experienced coach who works to teach traders how to use dynamic entry signals and apply new skills directly into the current market environment.

These dynamic entry signals can be applied to accounts of various sizes. The goal is for  traders to catch big moves based on what they see in the technicals and charts – and keep their emotions in check as they trade.

Joe walks traders through his process that enables him to identify entries and earn big gains while saving valuable time throughout market shifts. Joe proves that account growth is possible in virtually any market with his 15-plus year track record.

This market will continue to rip, chop, and rally.

Are you ready to learn this unique set of skills that most traders never develop?