Doubling Profit Potential With Teamwork


Simpler Trading Team

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Sitting in a dark room talking to your goldfish about charts on the computer screen might bring up questions about one’s personality.

We can relate to traders who feel alone in their quest for the trading lifestyle – stronger finances and more freedom. And we understand from experience what it’s like to trade alone (just ask John Carter who started Simpler Trading after, well, sitting in a dark room talking to his goldfish about charts on a computer screen.)

The benefits are regularly displayed among our own team of traders.

Just this week veteran trader Danielle Shay, Vice President of Options, was working a long position in stocks when she noticed fellow veteran trader Bruce Marshall, Director of Options and Income Trading, was jumping into a butterfly option trade in the same stock.

Same hot ticker with two different ways to trade for a win. (The possibility of doubling profit potential is a welcome sight in this volatile market.)

This is just one of many moments within our online trading chat room community where two traders working on different aspects of a trade – one stocks, the other options – can share ideas. Of course, our members have access to these trades during live-trading sessions as the market moves in real-time. And, they receive alerts showing details of the trades.

Our members also chat with each other to share ideas or gain a little extra insight from another’s perspective.

Simpler’s trading team works together to exploit Wall Street’s blind spots with time-tested strategies. With more than two centuries of combined experience, the Simpler Team has traded almost every market condition imaginable.

Why trade alone (talking to goldfish or a computer screen) when you can be a part of an active, productive trading community?

We Saw: Market rallies higher across the board –

  • Dow roars higher, Nasdaq climbs, S&P 500 hits new record high
  • Trillions in infrastructure dollars awaiting approval
  • Robinhood steals show, surges above IPO expectation

We’re Watching: Heavy week of earnings reports –

  • Hedging against a fickle market – up today, crater tomorrow?
  • Action in retail, energy, semiconductors, healthcare
  • Setups in: PINS, WMT, GOOGL, POOL, AAPL