Discover The ‘Zen’ Of Simpler Trading


Simpler Trading Team

Jul 24th 2020  .  3 min read

There is nothing more valuable at Simpler Trading than our biggest asset — our people. The information, resources, and experience our traders deliver reaches around the world.

Henry Gambell, Senior Managing Director of Options Trading, is our “Friday Feature” this week. He headlines this highlight of the newsletter where we present one of our traders making an impact in the Simpler community.

Whenever the markets go crazy — like much of the last few months — Henry stands tall as the calm, cool, and collected “zen master” of Simpler.

What most traders struggle with is the psychology of trading, and this is where Henry leads the way as an options trading mentor.

Ten years ago Henry showed up at Simpler’s offices to help with a tech issue. Founder John Carter recognized that Henry’s calm, analytical approach to problem solving would be a huge asset as a trader.

John offered to train Henry in the trading life. Henry rapidly developed into an integral part of helping John grow Simpler from its apartment location to the trading hub with dozens of employees that it is today.

Henry leads the Simpler team daily as he covers the market’s opening bell in the Live Trading chat room. His live sessions draw traders of all skill levels as he dives deep into scanning for new setups, managing open trades, and walking traders through active trades.

Traders in the Simpler community — even those on our team — marvel at Henry’s zen-like insight as he rapidly breaks down hard to understand macro topics. Traders are able to digest the information at a personal level. 

For Henry, simplicity is easiest. In his personal life, he meditates daily, and in the world of trading, he limits tech and tools. He pursues a strict analytical approach to the markets as a primarily conservative, directional trader.

His zen nature allows him to sit square in the middle of volatile, complex trading setups while simultaneously relaying simplified strategies that can be applied by any level of trader.

Because Henry excels at risk-to-reward scenarios. The Simpler community turns to him when developing a trading plan that minimizes risk while maximizing profit opportunities.

Everyone knows not ever trade works out. Traders who learn the zen of Henry uncover the reality that loss isn’t the focus — the next trade is the one to pursue for profit.

We Saw: another day of widespread selling — 

  • All three major indexes losing ground
  • Tech sector high-fliers hit hard
  • Gold, silver rising higher in value

We’re Watching: effects of back-to-back selloff days —

  • If Monday rolls out a harsher down day
  • Whether tech wreck worsens into next week
  • Profits and going into the weekend smiling and feeling goode

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