Corral Emotions For Steady Trading


Simpler Trading Team

2 min read

Emotional, scrambling, panicky. Or…

Calm. Cool. Collected.

How would you prefer to spend your trading day?

Many short traders expecting a downturn Thursday in the markets because of negative job numbers were “shaken out” early.

After futures struggled overnight, all three market indexes jumped out of the gate for a day-long surge. The Dow closed up by 1,351.62 points for the biggest three-day surge in 89 years.

Longs got the best of the day, and Simpler Trading followed the three-day trend.

Simpler’s traders get through daily sessions, even in the face of a historical collapse in the market, with a level-headed plan of action.

It’s simple, don’t chase and focus on making money with whatever the market delivers.

An example is trading futures on Wednesday.

Tickers jumped out of the gate on Wednesday, churned in choppy fury for hours, gained some momentum, then pulled back into the close, and ended positive. All disastrous to many traders.

It was a lot of chop and churn to digest in one day for any trader.

Simpler’s traders were calm, cool, and collected. There can be opportunity in uncertainty for traders with insight.

One of our traders identified a futures opportunity on Wednesday, followed the setup, and let the market bring the profits to her.

Take a look:

  • Could buy one contract of the E-mini S&P to make $6,463 per contract (enter the trade at $2,420.75 and close out the trade at $2,550.00)

That’s just one example that shows how Simpler’s traders follow the flow of the market to take possible setups.

Does it make sense to stop missing out on potential trades?

Don’t trade alone… connect with Simpler’s trading community. It’s a historical time to get started, and this bear market may be on the way out.

We Saw: a third consecutive day of indexes surging — 

  • Market’s positive reaction to stimulus bill
  • Highest rise over three days in 89 years
  • Signals of bear market giving back to bulls

We’re Watching: … for a run from the bottom —

  • Our emotions as Fridays can be surprising
  • The next wave of jobless numbers
  • Possibilities in WORK, MSFT, INTC, XLK, ORCL, QQQ

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