‘Charts & Coffee’ Provides Trading Kick-Start


Simpler Trading Team

Dec 11th 2020  .  2 min read

As traders we understand that early morning feeling when you’re looking for a “little kick” when it comes to caffeine and trading statistics.

Can you relate?

Thought so, and that’s why we’re providing a jolt for both.

Kick off your trading day with “Charts & Coffee,” a new event hosted by Raghee Horner, Managing Director of Futures Trading. She’ll be on Facebook Live! Monday through Friday (when the market is open) from 8 a.m. to 8:20 a.m. Central.

The goal of this daily pick-me-up is to ease into the trading day with some simple tips and tricks of the market. The live session is free, and you can access the video from your mobile device, too.

Raghee will dive right into a pre-market discussion of what she expects for the day in stocks, ETFs, futures, and currencies. She’ll take questions and present her ideas and strategies. This is a real-time way to get an early view of the market from a 30-year veteran trader.

Raghee delivers a unique perspective of how all the “connective threads” weave together when reviewing multiple asset classes across the markets. Her followers regularly credit her with “demystifying” the markets.

Grab your coffee in the morning, open up your charts, and stop by for this digital coffee klatch. Raghee is ready to toast the next trading day with fresh market insights.

We Saw: Early Covid-19 vaccine approval — 

  • Continued economic stimulus stalemate
  • Shippers, retail outlets prep for vaccine distribution
  • Big boxes thriving, mom-and-pops struggling

We’re Watching: Strength, opportunities in key sectors —

  • A week away from last witching expiration of 2020
  • Setups with symmetry, support, strength
  • Setups in: PTON, PYPL, PINS