Can You Train And ‘Get Paid To Trade?’


Simpler Trading Team

Dec 09th 2020  .  2 min read

When facing a challenge, what better way is there to learn than from someone who has “been there and done that?”

At Simpler Trading, everyone on the team has achieved their position by learning from someone with experience who has achieved success. That’s why we developed our community of traders – to pass on the experience.

One of the fastest ways we’ve discovered to overcome trading challenges is to focus on live-trading sessions with a mentor whose personal money is on the line. This is not “hypothetical” trades based on theories – live-trading delivers setups in real-time. 

Simpler’s traders also look for unique variations of training in real-time.

What if by passing a two-step evaluation process during training there was a fully funded trading account waiting for you at the other end?

Joe Rokop, Managing Director of Commodities and Equities at Simpler Trading, has succeeded “in the trenches” with this specialized training program. This is a radically honest program to develop trading skills.

Traders can start at various levels and test their mettle live in the market without risking their own money. This is live-trading training at a new level.

Joe has passed the entire training – multiple times. Now he’s offering a course to help traders “get paid to trade.” He’s holding live training sessions starting tomorrow.

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