Bundle Up To Take On Spirited Market


Simpler Trading Team

Oct 30th 2020  .  2 min read

There always seems to be something scary lurking around the corner in the stock market.

This year has revealed one wickedly-shocking event after another.

In keeping with facing the tempest of the market – and in the spirit of the season – we’ve resurrected a tantalizing prize for our traders.

It’s all part of this week’s “Friday Feature.”

At Simpler Trading, there is nothing more valuable than supporting our people – even in scary times. 

This week’s highlight of the newsletter features incredible training for traders… with a twist.

We wrestled the higher powers in management and unlocked Simpler’s vault of courses to bring into the light a rare combination:

A “spooktacular” bundle of hand-picked courses to get trading flowing through your veins.

For the price of one course, you get TEN – from six different traders at Simpler Trading!

All these frighteningly-good courses demonstrate how our traders maximize strategies and indicators to trade with precision and profits. The goal is always to develop a trading plan for consistent wins.

Caution: this offer is truly limited – you miss the deadline and your deal is done.

This is a scary-good bundle of Halloween treats for traders.

And after a week of the market bleeding red, this uplifting bundle of training could be the path through the tempest that you seek.

Don’t delay, we’ll be sending these courses back to the dark vault… and who knows if they will ever return.

We Saw: October closing in the red – 

  • Big tech falling, dragging down market
  • Pandemic fears escalating
  • Pressures against market increasing

We’re Watching: Enjoying Halloween weekend in cash –

  • Any risky positions that need closing
  • Risk control and not forcing plays
  • Market “won the week,” so time to reset