‘Bulletproof’ Trading In Worst Of Times


Simpler Trading Team

Apr 13th 2021  .  2 min read

Traders navigating in the wrong sectors might be feeling like these are the worst of times.

Those in the right sectors might be soaring to new heights.

The past year has been really tough.

Yet, the markets keep fighting back to grind toward new all-time highs. This has been a rough cycle, no matter a trader’s success.

Traders almost need to be “bulletproof” to take the losses with the wins and find the right stocks.

Is there a method to finding these winners in such a challenging market?

One of Simpler’s traders follows a system that has worked in every market cycle for more than 120 years. Such longevity produces a new level of confidence for traders who take advantage of this method.

Not every stock pick is a winner, but wouldn’t it be a boost to take gains even when the market appears to go “crazy” like the last year?

It makes sense to add a little “bulletproofing” to any trading plan. The key to this method is identifying which stocks have an “inevitable outperformers” trait in common.

At Simpler we work to share what we’ve discovered so that’s why we’re inviting traders to a free webinar tomorrow, April 14, at 7 p.m.

Grab your seat at this session to learn what has worked in challenging markets over the last century.

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