Building ‘Around The Clock’ Market Investments


Simpler Trading Team

Jul 27th 2021  .  2 min read

Do you find yourself not wanting to wade into this market volatility, and you’re searching for an alternative trading plan?

Stocks underpin the majority of trading among the traders within the Simpler team whether they trade strictly stocks, options, or a combination of both. Even futures and currency traders look to stocks for market conditions or long-term investments.

Current market volatility with constant pullbacks followed by rallies along with uncertainty caused by macro forces – inflation, Fed, pandemic – create an opening for retail traders to seek out long-term alternatives.

In any market environment, not all stocks are equal. This is where traders can use a formula and plan to select potentially market-beating stocks at the right time for long-term growth.

There are conditions in the market that are prime for retail trading just like there are conditions in the market that are prime for investing. Traders can learn these different conditions in order to take advantage of the opportunities while diversifying their portfolios.

Most retail traders are self-directed investors who want methods that use technical, fundamental, and macro skills to control and grow their own accounts. This is how traders in the Simpler team operate with their trading and investment strategies.

A well-rounded trader can develop the skills to build short and long-term account growth – skills not readily taught elsewhere. This helps create that balance between retail trading and long-term market investments.

When facing a volatile like this current environment, traders can easily get bogged down in a defensive plan to avoid market pitfalls. Is it time to take a step back and take a look into long-term stock plays?

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