All-Time Highs, Gains Boost Trading Profits


Simpler Trading Team

2 min read

Disney, oil, Nasdaq… how high will they go?

Add in the Dow, S&P 500, gold, silver, and earnings and this market doesn’t act like anything is wrong in the world today.

The Dow spiked 373 points to gain 1.39% and close at 27,201.52 points. The Nasdaq ticked above the 11,000 mark briefly before closing up .24% at 10,967.05. The S&P rounded out the indexes with a .43% gain to mark 3,320.77 points.

Is this market primed for “betting big?”

The indexes don’t seem to want to give up regained ground lost in March with the pandemic crash.

Some highlights:

  • Dow — up for the fourth straight day; despite being down 4.66 percent on the year it’s pushing toward an all-time high of 29,568.57 in February (pre-pandemic)
  • Nasdaq — six days of gains in a row; up more than 22 percent in 2020; and today’s high sets it at 31 record closes this year
  • S&P 500 — added its fourth straight day positive; less than 2 percent away from its record high in February

The market has presented opportunities for Simpler’s traders to take some huge gains. The pace so far this year has been so strong that most have already surpassed annual profit targets.

Simpler has seen gains across the board of five-figure, single-day profits and even multiple milestones of a million-dollar trade.

The key to catching big setups is being ready with a plan and all the tools in place when the move — up or down — starts turning.

Expectations here are that the market remains bullish. Taking gains, protecting capital, and waiting for the next opportunity are the plays.

If betting big, take note of personal risk tolerance and only risk what you are 100 percent willing to lose.

Decades of experience among Simpler’s traders confirms that the market has proven it will change every day.

We Saw: record-setting pace in the market to the upside — 

  • Nasdaq just missing a close above the 11,000 mark
  • How fast the market has rebounded since March lows
  • Strength and momentum showing from stocks, sectors

We’re Watching: for more bullish setups for profits —

  • As earnings reports continue the upside trend
  • To avoid temptation to overplay the market
  • Setups in: AMZN, SHOP, ROKU, MU, FSLY 

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