In today’s ever-changing financial environment, it’s trickier than ever to find reliable ways to invest your savings, or to simply have a second income. That makes your search for investment opportunities and ways to grow wealth very important - as important as ever.

Beat The Market Makers

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By S.T Staff Writer


“What do I tell my wife?” John Carter asked himself as he stared at the computer screen revealing the crushing change in the market.

All his trading gains had vanished. Six figures of hard-earned investment money gone…… a cascade of wrong trades in an unmerciful market. The low account balance flashing on the computer screen at him was devastating. “I can’t believe this. What now?” he thought, as he slumped over his computer desk in despair.

He was panicking because the mortgage closing appointment was just hours away. And he couldn’t bear to burden his wife with the horrible news.

John did what any proud trader would do to save face and stay in the good graces of his beloved. He maxed out credit cards to get the mortgage money.

John went to the closing without skipping a beat, or telling his partner what happened. But now he had to not only recover a trashed trading account, he had to make enough money to pay off the downpayment debt.

Where to start?
It was make-it or break-it time, and John was determined not to lose it all again. What he discovered is now considered the “secret” to successfully trading small accounts.

Here’s how he revived all hope… and built a 7-figure trading lifestyle.


Rescue Your Trading Account


The churning stock market is proving to be a roller coaster ride for traders. Those who aren’t prepared are feeling sick while those with a proven plan are padding the profits in their trading accounts.

John Carter of Simpler Trading is living the trading life as a professional trader. He continues to manage this wild ride in the market while teaching others how to profit with small accounts. There are essential strategies that show traders how to generate regular trading income:

  • Plan - Learn and follow low-risk, high-reward strategies that take advantage of the volatile market.
  • Act - Always be “killing bad trades.” It’s the one job most traders never learn.
  • Grow - Build an equity curve that pushes you to consistently deliver profits across all your trading efforts.

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Learn to grow trading profits in a volatile stock market


John Carter tells everyone to NEVER make the mistakes he made. Trading accounts can be rebuilt and credit card debt is not the answer.

But how do you master rapid growth and avoid such devastating mistakes?

After achieving 8-figure trading success and building Simpler Trading, John was challenged recently to step in and help traders grow small accounts. He knew traders crave low-risk strategies designed to quickly increase small accounts.

Strategies must be simple enough for new traders to duplicate yet powerful enough for seasoned traders to make significant moves. It’s a trading formula John knows well. He’s used these eye-opening strategies to grow his own 7-figure success story.

So, he started again to reveal the details of these strategies and put together a documented training program where traders can follow along as he grows a small account. With less than $6k he began again.

His Small Account Secrets formula exploded his account as he doubled the investment in the first month - a 101% increase. Then he tripled his account to $22,000 by the end of the second month.

John’s consistent, low-risk strategies helped him attack the market that was more volatile than anything seen in years. He paved the way to create trades that can deliver exponential growth to your small account.

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