Tug Of War

2023-03-16 / TG Watkins

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The prospect of lower interest rates has Tech and Growth moving up, but the weakening economy and the bank fiasco has the Energy and Financial sectors declining. Can Growth stay strong with the headwinds that Energy is forecasting?

TG Watkins

TG was running his own trading education service known as Moxie Trader for a few years, then bumped into John Carter at the Traders Expo in Las Vegas. This is where his relationship with Simpler Trading began and now he is one of the talented traders on the team. He can be found at his brand website www.Profit-Pilot.com. There you can check out his newsletters, media appearances, info about the Moxie alert service, purchase the Moxie indicator and classes based on his trading method. Beginner traders and advanced traders have expressed just how clear and easily understandable the Moxie method is.

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