A Complete Breakdown On Point Of Control


By Chandler Horton
Director of Day Trading Strategies



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Within this guide, Chandler describes in-depth his favorite and most reliable indicator: Point Of Control (POC). To simplify the meaning, Point Of Control is the price level on a chart where the MOST amount of volume/transactions have taken place. What’s so powerful about Point Of Control? The indicator is visually showing you at each specific price point how much of the volume occurred. This data gives you a variety of strong areas to work with. To give a quick background on the actual indicator itself, Point Of Control is derived from VolumeProfile. VolumeProfile shows the breakdown of all price points, and Point Of Control is that central point that we care about. You can think about Point Of Control’s purpose in 2 ways: a magnet, and a cannon. Chandler explains more in this detailed guide, including how you can directly apply it to your trading style.

Who is Chandler Horton?


Chandler grew up surrounded by stocks and trading. Jim, his father, ran a wealth management company and his older brother Taylor started trading at age 16. Chandler has never been one to settle for something he doesn’t want, so in order to pursue his own marketing business he dropped out of High School during his sophomore year.


The venture into marketing led to him learning more about the markets; under the mentorship of his brother along with some John Carter classes, Chandler became a full-time trader in 2018 and now works on getting better at his craft every day.

Today, Chandler is a day trader who only focuses on options; his style consists of finding the best stocks in play and taking advantage of breakouts and strong momentum while leveraging weekly options. Chandler’s must have tools are mean/moving average, Squeeze Pro, The Cloud, and Point of Control. To him, trading is the ultimate form of self-mastery and fulfillment.