The Squeeze

Simpler Summary As a trader, the chart is your road map, but sometimes it can be a confusing map to read. This is why traders look at different indicators and studies, to help identify times when the chart is entering a potential trade setup. One of the most successful indicators our Simpler Trading Team uses … Read more

Buy the Rumor, Sell the News

Simpler Summary The phrase, buy on the rumor and sell on the news, is all too common on the market floor. There’s certainly some truth to the saying as news and even rumors can affect the market. For instance, this week started with talks of more tariffs, and we ended the week with lacking numbers … Read more

The Big Picture

Simpler Summary This week has certainly been an interesting one in the markets. We’ve seen a pick up in the daily ranges each day this week, but overall the market has been rather flat and consolidating. This could be due to the market holiday next week, or it could be just a normal pull back … Read more

Taking the Heat

Simpler Summary As summer heats up we’re seeing the market cool down on a small pullback. For those who may’ve been in rising bias trades, you may be feeling some heat in your account. If you find that your anxiety is at a boiling point when taking a look at your trades, you may need … Read more

Trading Platform

Trading Platform

Simpler Summary Unlike in the 20s or even the 80s, we don’t need to be in New York to trade anymore. Now traders are able to use their computers and trade with an online brokerage platform. The benefit, of course, is as long as you have an internet connection and a computer you can trade … Read more

Just Keep Swimming

Just Keep Swimming

Simpler Summary When we started off trading, many of us came across the phrase “take your profits and run.” If you’ve ever been burned by a trade you may be thinking this is right on point. It’s a great way to protect your capital, but sometimes you’re only grabbing a minnow profit and end up … Read more

The Right Tool

The Right Tool

Simpler Summary As the opening bell rings and you pull up your charts, they may appear like the garbled blueprint of the Taj Mahal. As the Site Manager to the construction of the building you would not pull out a wrench to saw through a 2 by 4, instead you would need to know what … Read more


Learning the Language

Simpler Summary Whenever you first start trading, you may become overwhelmed with the jargon that so many traders like to use. As you sit in the trading room or listen in on a webinar, you may feel as if everyone is speaking a different language – except evenGoogle Translator can’t help. Don’t be discouraged if … Read more

Diamond in the Rough

Simpler Summary As the market moves out of consolidation and the overall pull back we have seen from earlier this year, there are a lot of charts setting up to make some nice moves. If the markets are able to break out of this consolidation to the upside, there will be some stocks that have … Read more