What Time Is It?

Do you consider yourself an investor, a long-term trader, or do you consider yourself a day-trader, a swing trader, a scalper? Why do I ask and why does it matter? The reason is that as we all know, making a profit trading the market is not always easy. Making profits consistently over time is even … Read more

Trades Gone Wild – Part 3

If you have been following this series on Trades Gone Wild, we have been talking about the Uh Oh trade.  This is the options trade that we all have at one time or another in which one day it is working well, and the next day it blows up on you. In parts 1 and 2, we talked about … Read more

Trades Gone Wild – Part 2

In Part 1 of this series on “Trades Gone Wild” we discussed the “Uh Oh” options trade. For those that missed Part 1, we talked about the Uh Oh trade being the trade set up that looks perfect when you enter the trade and everything is going great… and then… “Uh Oh.” You have a quick, and … Read more

What Is Working Now?

We all know how brutal the market has been to trade this year.  We have had a hard push to the downside and large intra-day swings.  With the sometimes daily swings and reversals, it is very hard to know which way to go. Options traders have an edge in using price moves and volatility to … Read more


Earnings Trades, Anyone?

The market has been brutal to trade since the first of the year and to make things more interesting, we have now started earnings season. This typically gives us more volatility, but also gives us opportunities to trade the actual earnings releases or to trading around earnings. There are many things to consider when trading … Read more