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Discover How Bruce Creates Options Income While Protecting His Portfolio from Extreme Volatility and Black Swan Events

Congratulations on making an exciting decision to be part of Bruce’s private mentorship… You’re about to get his proven Hybrid Options Income blueprint and learn how he generates positive returns so consistently year after year...

Here’s why we think this specific training might be perfect for you right now...

As you know, lately everyone’s asking when this market will pull back. Some expect a significant decline or Black Swan could strike without warning. There certainly are enough domestic and global troubles to trigger a serious correction, right?

So, it’s not a question of IF but rather WHEN...

And for most that is cause for anxiety because they don’t know how to protect their portfolio, let alone profit from that kind of extreme volatility (potentially worse than we saw last year).

However, Bruce has perfected his Black Swan Strategy over the past 33 years. And that means he uses these recurring extreme volatility events to generate extraordinary gains, like this 100% winning streak in the SPX...

As you can see, the key to this astonishing accuracy was the historic spike in volatility…

How is it possible that Bruce calmly collects premium and racks up returns while most traders either freeze or panic and take catastrophic losses?

Bruce’s secret is his Black Swan Blueprint...

When the market drops, you can count on unprepared traders panicking the same way storms bring thunder and rain.

The key is to use simple options strategies to be positioned correctly -- without trying to “predict” Black Swan events. You just wait for the extreme volatility spike and then use the setups the same way Bruce does.

If you want to take full advantage of these recurring pullbacks and use them to grow your nest egg (potentially in a matter of days or weeks), then add Bruce’s Black Swan Blueprint to your toolbox today…

Here’s Just Some of What You’ll Discover in Bruce’s Black Swan Blueprint Class:

  • How to generate short & medium-term options income from volatility
  • How to set up low-cost and no-cost long-term portfolio hedges
  • How Bruce gets positioned correctly for Black Swan events
  • Bruce’s favorite setups for earnings, elections, and bad news
  • Step-by-step blueprint for option income setups
  • How to profit from the historic volatility ahead we’re experiencing now
  • When to target 100%+ gains on ‘Black Swans’ with strictly limited risk

You’ll Also Get This Exclusive Bonus:

A special recorded course on exactly how Bruce uses the ThinkorSwim Analyze Tab to find options income trades. You get to leverage Bruce’s 33+ years experience to discover how to model and visualize risk on the most popular options trading platform. Let Bruce show you how the Analyze Tab can be your options trading command center, so you can see how to manage positions like a pro.

If you agree this market is long overdue for a correction, it only makes sense to be prepared.

The Black Swan Blueprint was first released in 2020 to show traders to know exactly what to do during extreme volatility.

Who is Black Swan Blueprint for?

Every trader who wants to have the confidence to follow a proven strategy when everyone else is panicking and losing their shirts. That’s the best way to protect your nest egg and turn adversity into opportunity so you can provide for your family and even help friends and neighbors in the event the market really comes unglued.

Few things in the market are as certain as this: If you trade long enough, you will witness a Black Swan if the last 20 years have taught us anything…

So if this is for you, don’t hesitate...

The Basic Package for the Black Swan Blueprint is just $497. And that’s an incredible value.

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