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Trading with the RSI Indicator

Swing traders use valuable indicators that efficiently evaluate market price movements and momentum to devise winning strategies and setups. One of the most popular and proficient indicators used by a swing trader is the Relative Strength Index (RSI).  The RSI is a prominent indicator for swing traders because they use a shorter time frame that … Read more

Theta Decay

How Theta Decay Works

Trading options is a complex and risky trading method, but it may be surprising to some traders when dealing with options that they need to be aware of the Greek alphabet. The Greek symbol we want to focus on is Theta. Theta is one of the most important concepts for options traders to understand. Theta … Read more

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Trading Inverse ETFs

One trading strategy relevant to traders during a bear market is inverse exchange-traded funds (ETFs). Inverse ETFs have a unique design since these investment products use derivatives that profit from a decline in the value of an underlying benchmark. These products are available to purchase as you would a typical ETF, but their use in … Read more

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Key Terms for Options Trading

Trading options can be described as a zero-sum game, which is an essential concept for traders to grasp. While stocks give buyers a small piece of ownership in a company, options contracts give traders the “right” to buy or sell the stock at a specific price by a particular date. There are always two sides … Read more

Common Mistakes

Common Trading Mistakes

How can greed crush traders? What do trading discipline and a Four Seasons hotel on Maui have in common? Why do I Visualize what a beginner trader would do? What can lead to success in many aspects of life, but not in trading? Trading mistakes are the bane of a trader’s existence. It can be … Read more

Swing trading indicators

Best Indicators for Swing Trading

Traders embrace several trading strategies that work for their lifestyle and risk appetite. Day trading, scalping, trend trading, and position trading have positive features and varying risk factors that work well for different types of traders in different scenarios. While day trading takes the seat as the most popular trading style, swing trading has also … Read more

How to Swing Trade Stocks?

Traders in this market are finding that volatility will not subside anytime soon. This means having access to tools and trading techniques that work with – not against – volatility to make markets chop and uncertainty tradable. Traders at Simpler Trading have different methods of trading that they prefer. While day traders prefer the quick … Read more

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The Rules Around Day Trading

Whether you are a professional trader or do it as a hobby, day trading might be part of your trading plan. Day traders need to be well-versed in the rules and restrictions placed on day traders, particularly the Pattern Day Trading rule (PDT). If day trading restrictions are violated, day traders and their accounts can … Read more