The Squeeze

Simpler Summary As a trader, the chart is your road map, but sometimes it can be a confusing map to read. This is why traders look at different indicators and studies, to help identify times when the chart is entering a potential trade setup. One of the most successful indicators our Simpler Trading Team uses … Read more

Buy the Rumor, Sell the News

Simpler Summary The phrase, buy on the rumor and sell on the news, is all too common on the market floor. There’s certainly some truth to the saying as news and even rumors can affect the market. For instance, this week started with talks of more tariffs, and we ended the week with lacking numbers … Read more

Seasonal Trades In Grains

There have been volumes of work centered around the theory of seasonal trades published. This is one I have used for years and have found it to be quite useful. Around the July 4th Holiday week each year  the grain charts will frequently show a major move in one direction or the other. The basis … Read more

The Big Picture

Simpler Summary This week has certainly been an interesting one in the markets. We’ve seen a pick up in the daily ranges each day this week, but overall the market has been rather flat and consolidating. This could be due to the market holiday next week, or it could be just a normal pull back … Read more

Taking the Heat

Simpler Summary As summer heats up we’re seeing the market cool down on a small pullback. For those who may’ve been in rising bias trades, you may be feeling some heat in your account. If you find that your anxiety is at a boiling point when taking a look at your trades, you may need … Read more

How to Hedge Risk With Options

One way to think about hedging is to consider it like insurance. When people hedge, they’re essentially insuring themselves against an event that could be costly to them. So, although hedging doesn’t prevent the negative event from occurring, it does help lessen the impact if something occurs. Hedging In The Financial Sense Hedging in the … Read more