Follow the Footsteps

The trading days surrounding the Labor Day weekend saw the market sell off hard. This was not a surprise as we had been seeing indications that the market was getting very extended. One way that I can detect when the market is ripe for a turn is by watching the UVXY. This is a leveraged ETF of volatility and can be a tool for hedging.

Reflections on my 5 Million Week

Reflections on my $5 Million Week

It’s Saturday, August 22, 2020. I packed up my family on Friday and we headed to South Padre Island, a 5 ½ hour drive from Wimberley. Never mind there are twin hurricanes forming off the coast and are scheduled to hit in a few days. I needed to get away and process the past trading week.

Equipment Failure

Equipment Failure

Having my blog this week was very timely with ThinkorSwim breaking for not just Monday, but now Tuesday as well. Fingers crossed this doesn’t go for a third or more day. I am thankful that I was in cash for this and the Markets are basically not doing anything (except for TSLA). This made me think about our reliance on technology, and in this case, a single point of failure.

The Dollar Must Die

For the Fed to Live the Dollar Must Die

Since the March lows, we have seen the Fed do incredible things never seen before. It started with conventional things (like slashing rates and providing liquidity to markets) and quickly spiraled into modern day money printing via debt monetization and, even more drastically, buying corporate junk bonds.

The Fed Will Buy What I Buy

The Fed Will Buy What I Buy

“The Fed will buy what I buy” is a phrase I have been hearing. Essentially it means that the Fed is in the business of backstopping the market and making sure it doesn’t go down at any cost. That cost is in the form of nearly 0% interest rates, digitally printing money, and buying corporate bonds.