World, Market Go To Hell… We Relax, Trade


Sometimes in the midst of trying times, traders just need to hear some straight-up raw insight into the world, economics, and trading.

At Simpler we generally don’t mince words within our training environment. Of course, we maintain a level of decorum and respect for others.

Still, sometimes the “hell” of life and trading gets so bad we understand how people need to vent and join in a little ranting.

Intro our Friday night videos with one of our traders who isn’t afraid to lay it all out as real as it gets… and even take it on the chin when he’s off-base.

Here are some comments:

“I just finished listening to the weekly premium video. Great job. Very informative. I really look forward to your daily segments as well. I always try to catch your sessions. Much appreciated. Keep up the good work.” - B.F.

“I have been around Simpler for a number of years. I have to say that your recent revelations and voice of clarity in the room have really rang true for me. We must adapt to the current environment and that is what I hear you saying. Anyway, please continue to speak your *harsh* truth to the room as ultimately I believe many will learn and benefit from it. Also, your weekly summary has been spot on and is much appreciated.” - D.T.

“I love to watch your videos and read the notes with a glass of wine on the weekend. Bliss!” - L.N.

This market has no intention of doing anyone any favors. Hell, the world is on the brink of war and this market brushes off a “down day” with a Friday upside rally.

While we don’t want to avoid trading in tough times, we recognize that traders don’t need to be spending all their time staring at a computer (for trading or reading negative news headlines). So give these a try:

  • Exercise — Drop and do 10 pushups, fire off some jumping jacks, or go for a bike ride or nice walk. Just burn some energy.
  • Organize — Turn that decade-old wardrobe into a clothing donation or tackle the garage mess. Even something as simple as cleaning your desk or rearranging your bookshelf works.
  • Relax — Practice some breathing exercises (this works!) or watch a funny or wild movie you wouldn’t normally select. Put those natural biorhythms or streaming subscriptions to work for you.
  • Join In — Watch the Simpler Trading Friday videos where there’s no off-limit topic in the world (well, mostly).

Also keep in mind that moving into cash is a viable trading strategy and offers time to reflect, refocus, and reestablish trading opportunities.

And if you just want to burn off some steam and listen to a full-time trader “in the raw” (with a proven track record of taking profits in this market), give our Friday night videos a look.

We Saw: Market regains traction with upside rally —

  • All three major indexes regain some of week’s losses
  • “Easy money” hesitation at Fed as inflation grows?
  • Fed signals taper may happen sooner than later

We’re Watching: Any market runs as Fed influence wanes —

  • Staying nimble as market adjust in next few months
  • Effect on homebuilding sectors as eviction ban cancelled
  • Short turns that open trades to counter market