‘Squeeze’ Market For Explosive Moves


Simpler traders discovered they have the potential to build a career with one simple setup.

Traders are loving the TTM Squeeze Pro and they aren’t afraid to say so. As fans of the original TTM Squeeze Indicator, the move to TTM Squeeze Pro was a no-brainer for traders looking to upgrade to finding explosive moves.

Pro users can find “moments in time” resulting in more actionable opportunities. In addition to more opportunities, the TTM Squeeze Pro provides traders with a serious edge in the form of different compression measurements.

The TTM Squeeze Pro lets traders easily find three types of squeezes — low, middle and high. As more energy builds up inside a squeeze, the probability of an explosive move increases once the squeeze fires. Thousands and thousands of trades have shown us that successful trading practices are built on measuring probability.

The TTM Squeeze Pro enables Simpler traders to find squeezes and also gives them the information they need to determine the potential power of the next move coming around the corner. When traders embrace the power of strategy, rather than playing “whack-a-mole” with the market, they can make better decisions regarding their positions, their sizing, and their expirations.

Each day across our training and live-trading online chat rooms, Simpler’s team can be found using the TTM Squeeze Pro and sharing how they have applied it to trading for a living.

The squeeze, by design, is a setup that every trader can apply in their trading plan. Simpler’s traders, who have tried other unsuccessful strategies, are confident each day that they are in rhythm with the market when using the TTM Squeeze Pro.

Finding that sweet spot is a position in which both beginning and seasoned trainers can find themselves.