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Question is, ‘What’s the setup?’

November 17, 2020

The last few weeks have been “weird” by past trading standards and this week is showing its oddity with a … Read more

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More Market Opportunities On The Horizon?

November 16, 2020

Was Monday the “moment in time” that traders missed as the markets surged beyond expectations? The Dow hit a record … Read more

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Tame Risk, Create Weekly Cash Flow

November 13, 2020

At any point in time the market can twist or turn in an unforeseen direction and even seem to be … Read more

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Be ‘Comfortable When Uncomfortable’ While Trading

November 12, 2020

There is a simple truth in trading — no one is born a trader. Trading is a learned skill that … Read more

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Popcorn and trading?

November 11, 2020

There’s something classic and comforting when it comes to cooler weather, grabbing some popcorn, and enjoying a cinematic treasure on … Read more

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Embrace The ‘Fear’ Of Earnings Trades

November 10, 2020

We would never encourage throwing caution to the wind, but as we promote often — trading is risky. Risk is … Read more

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Don’t Fall Prey To Emotional Craziness

November 9, 2020

Monday was a major gap up event in the stock market that many credit to news of a Covid-19 vaccine … Read more

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What Is That Market ‘Voodoo’ You Do?

November 6, 2020

There is something secretive, almost “magical,” about how the stock market ebbs and flows. No matter what is happening in … Read more

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What Is Your Trading Plan?

November 5, 2020

The post-election rally rolls on. Who knew what would be the market reaction to a still undecided election? This ongoing … Read more

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