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Days Of Slow Trending Markets Are History

June 15, 2020

| Simpler Trading Team Everyone is looking at how to “trade the opportunity” in this wild market that falls apart … Read more

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TSLA And Another $1 million Trade

June 12, 2020

| Simpler Trading Team It was a million-dollar day. Again. John Carter, founder of Simpler Trading, is known for a … Read more

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Sudden Selloff Cycle Tanks Markets

June 11, 2020

| Simpler Trading Team The stock market cycled hard today and dashed the hopes of traders looking to ride higher … Read more

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Trading Is Waiting

June 10, 2020

| Simpler Trading Team Trading Is Waiting As the Nasdaq closed above 10,000 points for the first time, it’s important … Read more

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Mixed Market With Nasdaq Spiking To 10,000

June 9, 2020

| Simpler Trading Team A mixed up market today saw the Nasdaq spike to 10,000 for the first time while … Read more

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Bullish With A Chance Of Disaster

June 8, 2020

| Simpler Trading Team The rally continued its run up today supported by retail traders. Add in a sizable dash … Read more

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Structure Your Day Like A Billionaire

June 5, 2020

| Simpler Trading Team Traders face an unlimited number of decisions each day as they manage all the data streaming … Read more

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Is Volatility Surge About To Hit Wall Street?

June 4, 2020

| Simpler Trading Team A market gone “bonkers” hit a bump midweek as it continues to baffle traders. Is today’s … Read more

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Clear Your Head To Gain Trading Edge

June 3, 2020

| Simpler Trading Team Despite this week’s uptick, the market this year has ripped away many fundamental trading plans. It’s … Read more

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