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Mastermind — ‘From Vision to Real-Time Tools’

August 28, 2020

When Simpler’s traders open up their computer trading platforms each day, they are focused on market activity. But there is … Read more

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What goes up must come down?

August 27, 2020

“Crazy,” “wacky,” “not normal,” “profitable,” and “scary” are all terms describing the stock market in recent weeks. The market — … Read more

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Market ‘Insanity’ Is Trader’s Opportunity

August 26, 2020

Another crazy day in the stock market set the tone for the week, and may indicate market conditions into next … Read more

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Continue Higher Or Snap Back?

August 25, 2020

Mixed trading Tuesday underlined the need for caution as segments of the stock market continue to break through new highs … Read more

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Bulls In Full Force… Are Bears Looming?

August 24, 2020

The stock market jumped out of the gate early Monday with runs for records across all major indexes before settling … Read more

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Treat Trading As A Business To Succeed

August 21, 2020

Finding choice, freedom, and an edge in the markets are goals at the top of the list for independent, self-directed … Read more

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This Bull Run Has An Itchy ‘But’

August 20, 2020

Major market indexes once again pushed higher and fueled a bull run that seemingly ignores economic hardship and political turmoil. … Read more

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Mindset For A $3.7 Million Trade

August 19, 2020

When you have a horse that’s running well, hang on for the ride. John Carter, founder of Simpler Trading, found … Read more

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Tap Into A Team To Ride The Rally

August 18, 2020

Leading stocks in key sectors once again made big moves in a market that continues to add new record highs. … Read more

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