Learning To Trade Can Be A Life-Long Benefit

2020-07-31 | Simpler Trading Team

“You should learn trading for your own benefit.”

Great advice, but hefty words for a 12-year-old kid.

For TG Watkins, Director of Stocks at Simpler Trading, these words of wisdom launched his trading career.

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TG was 12 when he attended a two-day stock trading seminar with his dad. Even though the presentation was mostly over his head, he knew that this type of knowledge would be important someday. His dad’s guidance hooked him on trading.

Fast-forward through high school, college, and a job as a financial advisor, and TG knew he wasn’t on the right path. His trading had grown into a passion he wanted to pursue.

The grind of corporate life — long work hours, lack of free time, a cap on earnings — didn’t appeal to TG.

He wanted to grow his part-time passion into a full-fledged career… a lifestyle.

TG sought skills development and guidance from seasoned traders. He found people who offered insight into the trading world. His skills, and success at trading, improved.

Still, he wanted more.

For TG the goal wasn’t just to make consistent money in the stock market.

He also wanted to share skills and encourage others, just as he had been inspired along his journey to trading full time.

TG developed a specialized system of trading to identify straightforward setups on stock charts regardless of market direction. From there he designed an indicator to monitor, track, and execute trades with less risk and more profit potential. He also developed a checklist to stay disciplined when trading.

This is all part of TG’s specialized trading method and indicator — The Moxie Method — that he uses daily to catch “Moxie Stocks” before they take off.

Traders can use this step-by-step strategy that is designed to track the stock market and uncover profitable returns.

TG shares his insights regularly in the Options Gold room, across multiple social media channels and news media appearances, and dives deeper into the markets with MoxieTrader Mastery.

And, he enjoys his second passion, flying. He is a licensed pilot who gets his love of flying from… you guessed it… his father.

We Saw: markets fighting to stay positive at end of the month — 

  • Apple’s earnings blowout pushing it to most valuable company
  • Big tech raking in earnings, bolstering trillion-dollar club
  • Bonds trending toward lower levels

We’re Watching: whether big tech success can support market trending higher —

  • For the market to reveal the path of least resistance
  • Taking advantage of long plays the market gives
  • Not fighting the trend... until it ends

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