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The New Ready. Aim. Fire!® Pro System With John Carter

Know Exactly When to ‘Go Big’ on Potential Home Run Trades

Know Exactly When to ‘Go Big’ on Potential Home Run Trades

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Pro Live-Strategy: September 22nd & 23rd

Elite Live-Trading : September 29th & 30th


Pro Live-Trading:
September 22nd & 23rd

Elite Live-Trading:
September 29th & 30th

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Here is what fellow our community members said
about John Carter:


“@JC Im still in the trade but Stop Loss is set. Guaranteed $100k Profit. First ever! Congrats on your Grand Slam! Love this community."


“@JC Thank You on the TSLA trade. Made enough to send kid to college for 4 years! 🙂 Thinking of drawing out the cash and putting it in a college fund! :)"


“@JC  wow, congratulations!  I made 400k on Aug 21 Tsla.  I'm holding 40 contracts on aug 28. I'm debating on whether to sell or hold a little longer till it hits 2k?"

- Ann

“@JC - Thanks for the TSLA trade.  It's my biggest one yet with the Simpler team."

- Mike in Grand Rapids

@JC wow, congrats.  I took off my TSLA CDS position as well.  It was one of my biggest single stock, single trade winners.  I wish I had bigger size when I put it on."

- Star Lord

@JC. I was always that someone on the other side of the trade with $TSLA. Just changing that attitude and by just following your trade, put me on plus $125000/- from minus $50000/- on TSLA positions for this year in less than 2 weeks. Thanks again  JC"

- Nathan

I still cannot get over this 430K TRADE IN 5 MIN 🙂"

- Nike

John Carter Founder of Simpler Trading®

In 1999, tired of talking to his goldfish while trading alone in his office, John Carter launched the company that’s evolved into Simpler Trading. He’s the trading expert everyone turns to when the markets go awry (as they often do), and many of our traders have taken ideas and strategies from him and morphed them into their own strategies. He’s truly one of the best with a level of charisma that draws people in, which has transformed him into the famous day trader he is today.

As for his trading strategy, it combines expert technical analysis with an overall macro, fundamental view. However, what makes him a truly fantastic mentor on top of his vast knowledge, is his ability to make you feel as though you’re talking to an old friend.

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