Wet Puppy Markets And Systems Trading With The Doc

February 11, 2016 | Dr. John Clayburg

Hello All…
Although the market did not have a major bell to bell trend today several of the subsystems managed to handle the smaller intra-day trends fairly well. With the exception of the sloppy period between 1030 and 1145 when we took a couple short stop outs the system was able to grab a decent return on several minor trends. Although I’d prefer not to trade so often, on some choppy days this can be the best alternative. It’s hard to look at this chart and pick out anything that would have been easy to follow for a longer period of time.


With the market having some huge volatility swings this week it will be interesting to see how the systems do on Friday. Frequently Fridays after a week like this and prior to a 3 day weekend can act like a wet puppy and hide in the dark corner all day rather than come out and play.