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Get Precise, Reliable ‘Moxie Stock’ Picks with TG Watkins



Get in on high probability ‘pops and drops’ when Moxie Stocks make big moves. Let TG Watkins alert you when he trades these exciting momentum patterns. The goal is for you to enjoy precise entry and exits without wasting time or capital on weak stocks and false moves.

The mastery program includes:

Live Trading

12 interactive live trading sessions (one per month)

Push Alerts

Between sessions members can still follow TG’s trades in real-time

Interactive Q&A

During the live-trading sessions, the focus will be on an interactive Q&A

Who is this program for?

Traders who want precise swing trade picks from a disciplined stock trader without the hassle of mining through all the rocks to find the few diamonds.

Note: Due to the interactive nature of this program, there are limited spots available. If this is for you, don’t hesitate.

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Feeling FOMO or lost? Stop missing out! With MoxieTrader Mastery you’ll be informed of real-time, actionable stock picks for your trading game.

Communication is key. That’s why you get a live-trading and Q&A session with TG and fellow Mastery members every month. Use these interactive sessions to skip the learning curve and ask any questions that may have popped up since the last session.

Can’t watch the market? Unsure when a stock is going to ‘pop or drop’? Get alerts texted to you when TG identifies new Moxie Stock picks.

What’s working now? Stay connected with this community and be among the first to know when powerful momentum stocks are available.

Need to save time? TG is here to provide you with dependable stock picks, so you don’t have to spend as much time looking for them, and you can just get to trading.


In Central Time Zone

January 7th (Recorded)

2PM to 4PM

February 4th (Recorded)

2PM to 4PM

March 3rd

2PM to 4PM

April 7th

1PM to 3PM

May 5th

1PM to 3PM

June 9th

1PM to 3PM

July 7th

1PM to 3PM

August 11th

1PM to 3PM

September 8th

1PM to 3PM

October 6th

1PM to 3PM

November 10th

1PM to 3PM

December 8th

1PM to 3PM

Take advantage of these special monthly live-trading sessions, this is the fastest way to take your results to the next level.

This is your opportunity to ask any and all questions to TG Watkins in real-time. We believe there’s no better way to deepen your mastery than to interact with TG and other like-minded mastery members. Ask around, and almost any trader will tell you the best way to trade is to find a mentor to guide you — that’s TG’s goal during these sessions. With these sessions, you can have the unique chance to skip a major learning curve of silly mistakes because you have a professional trader at your disposal to ask questions and receive feedback. Take advantage of this exclusive opportunity and get ready for an unforgettable experience.

Something to keep in mind: Even if you cannot attend all of the above sessions LIVE you’ll have access to all recordings.


$397 /Quarter

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$1297 /Year

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TG Watkins

Who is TG?

After graduating with his mechanical engineering degree, TG earned his Series 6 and 63 licenses to begin his career with New York Life. His long history of stock market trading inspired him to leave corporate life after a few years. He then went on to develop his proprietary Moxie Indicator and trading system. After years of trading and presenting educational seminars, he decided to help more people by joining the Simpler team.

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