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In case you hadn’t heard, recently my Small Account Growth formula tripled a $6k account into $22k in two months. Ever since we’ve had persistent requests for real-time trade alerts.

So for the first time ever at Simpler, we launched a pilot program called Small Account Mastery.

Members get real-time alerts and an exclusive live-trading session with me each month. This was so well received most of the available spots were claimed within two weeks. And that’s why this may be your only time to ever get in on this opportunity. Space is limited and I want our newest people off on the most advantageous path...

Here are the trades we closed in the first month...

spy tlt match vix ulta etsy panw

That’s a 54% average return -- Yes, it’s fantastic that they’re all winners (which is not typical).

And the best part is the strategy actually made even MORE in an extremely volatile month with big rallies and steep downturn.

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