7 Fastest Ways to Ruin Your Account


By TG Watkins
Director of Stocks at Simpler Trading®


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Trading has risks… so why is it that traders are tempted to wade into a stock market that can wash away their account?

Many times the reason is that traders rely on an emotional trading plan that leads them to runaway losses.

An important goal for traders is to build a simple, steady trading plan designed to protect the money they have while identifying trades that could earn more money (and avoid bad trades).


These are the important lessons revealed in Anti-Checklist: 7 Fastest Ways To Ruin Your Account.

This is the insight of an experienced trader who understands how to avoid the emotional risk-taking that crushes traders.

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Who is TG Watkins?


Over 20 years ago, TG Watkins was a 12-year old with his dad in the audience of a two-day stock trading seminar learning how to use the software that was being presented. Flash forward to a few years later, after graduating with his engineering degree, TG set off to earn his Series 6 and 63 licenses, and then started his career at a national insurance and finance company.


After a few years of gaining the real life experience he was looking for, TG decided to get back into stock trading. TG was running his own trading education service known as Moxie Trader for a few years, then bumped into John Carter at the Traders Expo in Las Vegas. This is where his relationship with Simpler Trading began and now he is one of the talented traders on the team.

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