The Stacked
Profit Formula

How to Regularly Hit Doubles, Triples, & Home Runs

Danielle Shay

Strategy Class: July 27th from 12pm-4pm Central

Live-Trading: July 30th, July 31st, August 13th, & August 14th

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Strategy Class
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BONUS: "Kickstart to Victory"
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BONUS: "7 Stocks to Success"
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2 Pro Live-Trading Days
$1,298 Value

2 Elite Live-Trading Days
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$1,194 Value

Strategy Class
BONUS: “Kickstart to Victory”
BONUS: “7 Stocks to Success”
2 Pro Live-Trading Days
2 Elite Live-Trading Days
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Strategy Class
BONUS: “Kickstart to Victory”
BONUS: “7 Stocks to Success”
2 Pro Live-Trading Days
2 Elite Live-Trading Days
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Strategy Class
BONUS: “Kickstart to Victory”
BONUS: “7 Stocks to Success”
2 Pro Live-Trading Days
2 Elite Live-Trading Days
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Bonus: Danielle's "7 Stocks to Success" Class
For the first time ever, Danielle is offering a FULL class as a bonus for her loyal followers. You’ve heard Danielle discuss her 3 hour per day, 4 day work week back when Leo was a baby. And now, she’s put the formula together just for you as a recorded class.

Purchase the Pro or Elite Package today and get access to Danielle’s popular “7 Stocks to Success” Class. This is THE strategy that helped her become the professional trader she is today. The best part? It’s so simple you can take action right away.


Strategy Class + BONUS: Kickstart to Victory

Saturday, July 27, 2019 from 12PM - 4PM Central

Few strategies can profit in trending and choppy conditions. Danielle’s Stacked Profits is designed to precisely catch up and down swings. And it almost doesn’t matter what the market does.

Danielle’s breakthrough strategy offers high-profit potential with low-risk because she’s turning $2 into $5 or even $6 almost like clockwork. This is your chance to discover exactly how to take advantage of these ‘Double Dollar Profit’ butterflies.

In this Saturday Stacked Profits class session you'll discover:

How to hit regular home runs without striking out (even if you’re new to trading)

Danielle’s Stacked Profit Formula (including her awesome Watchlist, Checklist, and Scans) 

The secret to turning $1 into $3 (or more) for true exponential profit potential

How to quickly and easily adapt to trending and choppy market conditions

How to strictly limit risk and enjoy rapid returns with confidence

Kickstart to Victory

Saturday, July 27th / 11-12 PM Central:

Need help getting your charts setup? Danielle will walk through her chart settings, Fibonacci settings and retracements, order entries, and any other questions you have before the class begins. Make sure to get all your questions covered in this Kickstart to Victory.

Plus, Included Toolkit and Tutorials

Chart Setups

Setup your charts like a pro - Danielle’s steps from A to Z

Tool Instruction

Learn how to use Drawing and Fibonacci tools effectively

Using Trade Alerts

Entering and exiting trade alerts using the Stacked method

Tips & Tricks

Combining Setups - how to use Stacked Profits with any other strategy


Strategy Selection Risk Gauge - her guide for when to adjust risk tolerance

Total Value: $1,194


Basic + Pro Live-Trading + BONUS: Danielle’s “7 Stocks to Success” Class

July 30th 8:30 AM - 11:00 AM & July 31st 12:30 PM - 3:00 PM Central

With the Pro Package you get the Strategy Class on Saturday, PLUS 2 days of Live-Trading with Danielle Shay!

Take advantage of our popular live-trading sessions because it’s during market hours that everything you learned in the Strategy class comes together. Make this strategy your own by immediately turning your new knowledge into action.

This is your chance to day trade and swing trade stocks, options, and ETFs together with Danielle. Watch over Danielle’s shoulder in real-time as she looks for high probability Stacked Profits setups and dive deeper into the strategy.


It’s amazing how much it is possible to improve your skills in a few trading sessions. As always, our informal goal is to strive to make enough profit to more than pay for the class (obviously, no promises).

Total Value: $3,389

Best Value


Basic + Pro + Elite Live Trading

August 13th 8:30 AM - 11:00 AM & August 14th 12:30 PM - 3:00 PM Central

With the Elite Package you get the Pro Package, the Saturday Strategy Class, 2 days of Pro Live-Trading PLUS 2 days of Elite Live-Trading PLUS class trade review, trading plan, and psychology portion with Danielle Shay!

The first two live trading sessions will show you how to create the trades. So come back and revisit them after the fact, to understand HOW they play out. Danielle will go over these trades, along with a final trading plan review and psychology session.

Each additional live-trading day multiplies your learning experience and profit potential. With the Elite Package, you give yourself the chance to maximize this exclusive opportunity. This package is for you if you want to join Danielle for 2 additional live trading days.


Total Value: $4,687

Here is what fellow Simpler Trading members said about trading with Danielle:

“Danielle….you are a treasure. You have the ability to hammer your ideas into my knucklehead. Your explanation is spot on. Thanks.”

-Bill Costello

“Whoo up 9% for the week thank you Danielle great week well worthwhile being sleep deprived for. Have a great weekend.”

- Craig0

“Danielle, in a couple weeks you have had a positive impact on my trading skills and confidence levels!”

- Steve NYC

Danielle Shay Director of Options at Simpler Trading


About Danielle: Danielle is a market analyst, trader and expert commentator. She is the Director of Options and the head of Simpler Foundation at Simpler Trading. As a former teacher, her goal is to help traders grasp the basics that make trading simpler — no matter their skill level. She has the keen ability to relay trading information in small tangible bits where even the ‘best’ of traders will find her insights useful and easy to understand. Her primary focus is on trend-following, directional strategies via options trading, though she covers stocks and ETFs as well. Danielle is a contributor in John Carter’s 3rd Edition of Mastering the Trade, and has been seen on Fox News, RT America, Benginza,, Real Vision TV, Trader’s Nation, and more. Follow her on Twitter @traderDanielle.

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