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Discover How to Find Outperforming Stocks Even in Uncertain Times

Guide Your Portfolio with Mary Ellen’s 25+ Years Proven Results


8 Strategy Sessions, 8 Recorded Live Trading Sessions, and Bonus Calls!

MEM Edge Report

Now’s your chance to trade and invest with professional-grade insight and analysis from the MEM Edge Report.

Imagine having confidence in your trading decisions each week (even in volatile conditions) because you know which stocks have the potential to be big winners based on Mary Ellen’s battle-tested system with 25+ years of proven results.

Here's What's Included in Each Weekly Issue:


Each Sunday a detailed analysis of the broader markets and charts of each sector

Individual buy and sell candidates each week

Updated performance numbers on stocks featured in prior weeks

Updated recommendations on stocks in a buy zone (ranked in order of conviction)

Mid Week Report each Wednesday with critical market updates and stock analysis

Intra-week alerts with actionable stock ideas and insights on broader market trends.


One of the keys to consistent success in the markets is rock-solid confidence. And the goal for the MEM Edge Report is to provide the kind of professional-grade insights and analysis so that you can make trading decisions based on how the markets really operate.

There’s no long-term commitment and your monthly rate will not increase as long as you remain an active member.

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What's included:

  • MEM Edge Report Monthly
  • MEM Exclusive Mentorship
  • Bonus: Simpler Moving Average Course Recordings
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  • MEM Edge Report Quarterly
  • MEM Exclusive Mentorship
  • Bonus: Simpler Moving Averages Course Recordings
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MEM Mentorship


What's included:

  • MEM Edge Report Annual
  • MEM Exclusive Mentorship
  • Bonus: Simpler Moving Averages Course Recordings
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MEM’s Exclusive Mentorship Package / $4,997

8 Recorded Mentorship Strategy Sessions + 8 Recorded Live Trading Sessions + MEM Edge Report Annual Membership + Bonus: Simpler Moving Averages Course Recordings

MEM’s Exclusive Mentorship

For the first time, a small group of stock traders had the opportunity to join Mary Ellen McGonagle in this exclusive mentorship program. It’s a deep dive into her proven stock portfolio trading system that she’s refined over 25+ years. This is the same system she used while managing a top-performing $2 billion fund and also when she advises Wall Street funds.

The only difference is that this Mentorship is designed specifically for retail traders. The 8-week format allows her to go more in-depth than is possible in a class. Now more than ever retail traders need to know how to find outperforming stocks in the strongest sectors.

What makes this opportunity so well timed is the fact that the lion’s share of the gains are made in the rebound and recovery phase. That’s how well positioned traders target gains of 1000% or more. However, when it comes to catching these extraordinary gains, timing is critical. And that takes a proven system, as Mary Ellen has demonstrated over and over again.

In fact, this strategy allowed Mary Ellen to keep a 75% win rate through the historically volatile market conditions we’ve experienced since 2020.


In fact, this strategy allowed Mary Ellen to keep a 75% win rate through the historically volatile market conditions we’ve experienced since 2020.

What makes this program so special is the 8 Recorded Strategy Sessions and 8 Recorded Live Trading Sessions. These step-by-step trainings aim to give you everything you need to manage your portfolio going forward. In fact, you can rewatch each session at your convenience.

The goal of this mentorship is to help you master Mary Ellen’s stock picking and portfolio management system and leverage her 25+ years of personal results. Remember, this system was originally developed after Mary Ellen researched 120 years of charts. That’s how she’s learned to spot outperforming stocks with the potential for 1000% gains so consistently. She knows the exact criteria to look for no matter what the broader market indexes are doing.

In other words, the mission of this Mastermind is to empower you to become your own best money manager. And Mary Ellen’s strategies can be scaled to almost any account size so you can adapt them to your goals and risk tolerance.

This mentorship includes 8 recorded group Strategy Sessions. As you can see below, each week’s session covers Mary Ellen’s system in step-by-step clarity. Plus, during the 8 recorded Live Trading Sessions, Mary Ellen will go even deeper into these Strategy Session topics…

Session 1



Session 2



Session 3



Session 4



Session 5



Session 6



Session 7



Session 8



MEM Edge Report Annual Membership

With the Annual Package, you get a full year of MEM Edge membership – that’s a $1,524 value at the monthly rate. Not only that, when your subscription renews in 12 months, you lock in at a discounted rate of $1,270 (a $254 savings over the Monthly subscription. By making the commitment to an annual subscription, we believe you’re better positioned to stay on track thanks to Mary Ellen’s weekly reports guiding you. There’s no long-term commitment and your rate will not increase as long as you remain an active Annual MEM Edge Report member.

Bonus: Pre-Recorded Simple Moving Averages Course

Want to know exactly how Mary Ellen uses moving averages to quickly identify the “tradeable” trend on almost any chart? Then this bonus recorded class training is for you.

As you probably know, long term success in the markets requires finding winning stocks, right? Because once you identify a stock that meets your criteria, the next question is when to buy. And then if you want to keep your gains, you need to know exactly when to exit, too. Most traders don’t have an objective system for entries and exits which is a recipe for failure.


Never set up an options income trade before? That’s okay. By the end of this special training, you’ll know exactly what you need to know.

What MEM Edge Report Members Say:

“Mary Ellen, I just wanted to drop you a note and give you an example of how valuable your reports are.  Late morning (CT) today, I placed orders for 200 shares of 4 stocks on your recommended list. From then until the markets closed, I made enough from those 4 stocks to pay for 18 months subscription to your reports. The reports not only pay for themselves, they provide an education in how to pick stocks.  Thank you!”

-Ford B

Hi Mary Ellen, I just wanted to share my excitement at about the close of day on Thursday. I took a position in DIS. I was pretty astonished to see a profit I was not about to leave on the table!  $1027. Yesterday I sold EW and SQ. making a profit of $775.

This is the kind of guidance that is really making a difference for me!  Thanks for all your combined talents which make this possible!

-Jon D

“Have many things to thank you and your Edge for. But today especially for INTU which I sold in after hours trading @ 293. Happy surprise after 40 minute dive in the morning. Emotional market. Although you aren’t supposed to get excited at the highs or panic at lows I don’t many that don’t.”

-Jack D

About Mary Ellen McGonagle


Mary Ellen is the Senior Managing Director of Equities here at Simpler. Her career began right out of college at the ripe age of 21 as an assistant on the Fixed Income trading desk at Goldman Sachs. Next, she took a position at Equitable Life, a highly regarded large insurance firm on Wall Street. Based on her success, she was promoted to portfolio manager with 8 accounts worth over $2 Billion. Mary Ellen soon discovered BIG money institutions had access to high-level intelligence that individuals did not have.


Mary Ellen left New York City for Los Angeles to take a position with the famed William O’Neil + Co, the founder of Investor’s Business Daily. There Mary Ellen analyzed hundreds of data points on thousands of stocks to determine which were poised to outperform.

After 20 years as the “advisor to the advisors” for top portfolio hedge and mutual fund managers, Mary Ellen now delivers her latest insights and analysis inside the MEM Edge Report.

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