Precision Timing Secrets


It does no good to be right on a great trading idea if you get the timing all wrong. Sometimes just being off by a single day can get you stopped out of a winner. So whether you’re a day-trader or a swing trader, precise timing can make the difference between consistent profits and going bust.

That’s why it’s so critical to take a few minutes before every trade to see if your entry lines up with significant Fibonacci Timing cycles. Once you see how uncannily accurate these simple timing calculations can be, you may never want to trade without them again.

Because most traders don’t have a clue about Fibonacci timing, you can get a serious edge just by learning a few simple timing techniques. Here’s just some of what you’ll discover:

  • How Fibonacci timing & price analysis can help to identify major reversals weeks in advance so you can make better trading decisions
  • Exactly how these timing techniques work using recent market examples so you understand how they line up over and over again with key reversals
  • How to apply precise Fibonacci timing analysis to your entries and exits to add a powerful edge to your trading decisions
  • Actionable market timing points in the coming weeks that you can potentially take advantage of in real-time
  • Trading Day cycles in both Think or Swim and Dynamic Trader platforms
  • Trade live with Fibonacci Queen, Carolyn Boroden and income generating specialist, Bruce Marshall as they tag-team the markets in this special (1st time ever) live trading event.


Product Details

This DVD-ROM can only be played in a computer DVD drive. It is not compatible with traditional DVD players.

  • Format: DVD & Online versions provided
  • Number of discs: 1
  • Course Slides Included
  • +1 day of recorded live trading with Carolyn Boroden and Bruce Marshall
  • Includes: Fibonacci Price and Time Analysis Guidelines, Class Charts and Screenshots, Thinkorswim Settings and Price Tools, eSignal Price Tools, TradeStation Fibonacci Tools
  • Run Time: 423 minutes


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