Multi Time Frame (MTF) & HOLB/LOHB

Available On: ThinkorSwim, TradeStation

How Do We Use It?

The Multi-Timeframe Trend indicator shows us price trend on multiple timeframes so that we may quickly measure trend strength and maximize the amount of time we spend on the right side of a directional move, thus maximizing our profits in every trade.

The best trend moves happen when all the indicators line up, and the Multi-Timeframe Trend indicator shows us short, intermediate, and long-term trend strength as well as combining the all that information in to just one glance.

We use Multi-Timeframe Trend to ensure that we are not selling too early in a trend move and to ensure that we are not overstaying our welcome when a trend move has started losing steam.

The best signals on this indicator are when we see multiple timeframe momentum all aligned. We always want to trade in the direction of the MTF indicator trend.