Multi Histogram Indicator

Available On: ThinkorSwim, TradingView

How Do We Use It?

What could be better than seeing Squeeze Pro signals setting up on 18 timeframes? How about being able to tell at a glance if they are bullish or bearish? Now you can.
For the first time, this breakthrough tool shows when a Multi Squeeze Pro setup has a larger time frame momentum behind it (and when it does not). This ONE feature makes it possible to see the highest probability setups. The Multi-Histogram is designed to help you tell the difference between an opportunity for a quick profit from a potential monster move (like John Carter’s $611k AMZN trade).

The goal is to see when momentum and Squeeze Pro setups are all ‘aligned’ in the same direction without having to look at 18 charts individually. The power this gives you is something you truly have to see for yourself. Available for ThinkorSwim.

What does it do:
The Multi Histogram Indicator:

  • allows you to see the current state of the Squeeze and the Squeeze Pro’s histogram on multiple higher time frames simultaneously,
  • view the current state of the histogram across multiple time frames on one chart,
  • displays up to 18 labels on a chart,

How to read the Indicator:
Colors of the labels correspond to the bars of the Squeeze and Squeeze Pro Histograms:

  • Blue is momentum above zero but decreasing,
  • Cyan is momentum above zero and increasing,
  • Red means momentum is below zero and increasing to the downside,
  • Red means momentum is below zero and increasing to the downside,