Beware the Bear

How to Prepare for the Next Bear Market

Join David Starr For This Exclusive Training on How to Beat a Next Bear Market

What Will You Learn?

  • Warning Signs that Precede a Bear Market
  • How to Confirm a Downtrend
  • How to Set Downside Expectations
  • How to Identify Eventual Bottoms
  • How to Identify Potential Tops
  • How to Identify if a Top is Forming in Real-Time
  • How to Win (Consistently) in a Bear Market
  • What Trading Strategies to Avoid in a Bear Market
  • How to Prepare for the Next Bear Market (And How to Trade it)
  • SPECIAL BONUS: Beginner’s Guide to Elliott Wave class ($97 Value)

Course Breakdown

  • Strategy Session: 4 hours and 19 minutes
  • Class Follow Up Session: 36 minutes

About the Content Providers:

  • David Starr

    About David: Elliot Wave expert, who focuses on broad markets, primarily the S&P 500, Euro, Gold, and Crude Oil. He likes to get exposure to these markets through a range of instruments including futures, index options, options on ETFs, and options on futures. Focuses on understanding trend and countertrend moves on all timeframes. Traders of all levels can benefit from his style of Elliot Wave and directional analysis.