ATR Move

Algorithms control order flow and market direction, how do you compete against them? Well, you have to know what price levels the computers are programmed to buy or sell. This is what the ATR Move indicator is specifically designed to do. We use this trading indicator to see support and resistance levels that are important to algorithmic program buying and selling. These support and resistance levels are invisible to most traders, and by the time they recognize there’s something going on, the market has moved. Our goal is to buy when the algos buy and sell when they sell, that keeps us on the right side of order flow and trend.
Available On: ThinkorSwim, TradeStation

How Do We Use It?

We understand that computerized trading moves markets and these computers need levels and triggers in order to know what to do next.

The ATR Move indicator will automatically find the average true range for a stock and show multiple support and resistance levels where the algorithms would like to buy or sell.

The idea is that when the markets get too hot, algorithms will sell these ATR resistance levels and when markets cool algorithms will look to buy ATR support levels.

Adding ATR Move to our charts lets us anticipate these turning points in a market and that allows us to maximize profits by buying or selling alongside the programs that move markets.