Steady Hand, Strategies Minimize Trading Risk


Simpler Trading Team

Feb 18th 2022  .  3 min read

A steady hand, one that is not too quick to click “buy” in trading software, keeps traders alive in the market while others fall away.

Targeting solid trade setups with a focused aim, rather than a shotgun approach, lends itself to a long-term trading career. This market chop exposes the importance of traders learning to enter into trades with reliable indicators and proven trading strategies.

Respect rules, balance risk-to-reward ratios

The team at Simpler Trading understands the importance of respecting long-standing rules. One of our team members puts his plan to the test by trading in risky markets using conservative, methodical strategies while maintaining balanced risk-to-reward ratios.

Neil Yeager, Vice President of Futures Trading, is the “Friday Feature” team member this week. Neil headlines this highlight of the newsletter where we present one of our team members making an impact. At Simpler Trading, there is nothing more valuable than our people – our biggest asset.

Neil is our intraday futures, currencies, and commodities trading expert and statistician. He encompasses a wealth of knowledge about the markets. His combination of market profiling, Japanese candlesticks, and statistical data are derived from personal studies he conducts.

Neil’s trading philosophy is simple, “Anything can happen at any time for any reason. The next trade is either a win or a loss. It’s a 50-50 chance. That said, my number one job is to be here tomorrow. That means don’t blow today. The only way I can do that is to stick to the plan.”

Focus on technical analysis to find trends

Certainly no stranger to the market, Neil breaks down market sessions for traders and points out the moves he sees. He focuses on futures, currencies, technical analysis, and trend following. His approach is adaptable for traders who want to limit risk.

Neil focuses on  intraday moves and leans to the conservative side of intraday price pivots and swing setups using Ready.Aim.Fire!® and Squeeze Pro indicators. Traders can learn to use Neil’s risk-to-reward day trading plays and integrate swing trading futures and currencies opportunities into their daily operations.

A straight shooter, Neil is methodical in his entries and has a proven risk-to-reward ratio on his trades. His strategies are strengthened by statistical modeling and backtests.

Learn to trade from established traders

Neil’s work has improved fellow traders’ understanding of the markets. Many traders have gained insight from his strategies and applied these elements across the markets in stocks and options. His straightforward and easy-going directions allow him to encourage other traders who seek their own success in the markets.

Simpler’s traders recognize that their number one job is to minimize risk… so they can be in the market the next day.