Start Now To Celebrate End Of Year Results


Simpler Trading Team

2 min read

Following is a simple, visual exercise for any trader wanting to gain ground in the markets through the summer and end this year at a higher level than last year.

Goal setting tends to be the priority at the beginning of each year… and we all know the outcome of most of those goals (crumpled up note paper tossed aside). What many people don’t understand about goal setting is that it requires regularly updating actions and plans.

And with summer underway, this midyear point is a great time to reassess where you want to be in your trading lifestyle when the New Year’s Eve celebration rolls around.

Let’s look at enhancing our end of year “visions” before summer heats up too much…

Picture your trading world at the end of the year. Another day staring at the computer trading platform, making notes about trades, and pondering progress (if any) over the past 12 months.

Will you have a sinking feeling from continued struggles and underperformance in the markets? A year with no personal improvement or account growth can leave a sharp knot in your stomach, spur doubt, and weaken confidence going forward.

Simpler’s traders know this for a fact. They’ve all been at that “woe is me” point in their career.

What if you could change that picture starting now?

Envision a year of trading skill improvements and “wow” account growth. A second-half run where you take action and put into place the training and tools to reach new heights in your trading. This is a vision that could change your New Year 2022 outlook into something beyond expectations.

There is “a lot of year” left in 2021, and now is the time for action. Expectations are that traders who are “in the game” and prepared for the wild market ahead will be positioned to pursue greater potential opportunities. This is not the time to continue doing the same old thing or “wait and see” what happens and then react.

A midyear review and update in your trading plan, training, tools, and mindset are key to setting goals and bringing about positive improvement.

Action will equate to results for those who choose to transform their trading as we make a run for that end of year celebration.