‘Secret’ To Trading Is In The Squeeze


Simpler Trading Team

May 11th 2020  .  3 min read

Traders always seem to be searching for the “secret” to better trades.

What if it was revealed that the “secret” is hiding in plain sight and Simpler Trading uses this secret daily?

And, we share it with our community of traders.

If there’s any “secret” to what we do, it’s the squeeze.

It’s been used since before smartphones existed and our team is now using the squeeze at a higher level than most of the trading world.

So what is the squeeze?

The squeeze is a directional, trend continuation indicator. It is a charting tool (the TTM Squeeze was created by John Carter) that tracks movement in price, time, and momentum.

You can get a basic squeeze on most trading platforms and there are generic information sources on the internet for how to use it.

But when traders want to understand and apply the power of the squeeze, they turn to Simpler Trading and the decades of squeeze experience and proven profitability using this tool.

Since the squeeze is a trend continuation indicator, generic information on the internet may not prove helpful in the current hyper-volatile market. This information just doesn’t adapt fast enough, or accurately.

Simpler Trading has amplified the squeeze to such an extent that internet “gurus” are struggling to keep up.

What makes Simpler’s improved squeeze such an efficient tool for finding setups? Let’s take a look:

  • Extended trends (bullish, bearish overall market) aren’t needed. Simpler’s improved squeeze capabilities can follow 18 time frames (yes, 18) on a stock to find the next “explosive” movement.
  • Whether you have a short, long, or choppy index or stock the squeeze is now designed to track and identify significant movement to indicate where a potential trade will “fire.”
  • There is an increased level of precision for entering, or exiting, trades at critical points in price changes.

Even better about Simpler’s squeeze is it can be broken down into elements that new or seasoned traders can understand. Traders can understand how it works and then can apply it within their trading plan to complement their personal goals.

Like most tools, you need training and a plan to use it effectively and consistently.

The squeeze has many technical parts to analyze movement, but traders can simply follow the important details in a convenient display without over-analyzing a specific trade. It’s more powerful, yet still simple.

Simpler’s squeeze has a lot more to offer than just a charting tool:

  • Provides valuable insight into moves that are aligned for immediate gains
  • Shows how trading can now be much less risky than a job
  • Shows simple ways to trade in the current volatile market

The squeeze also identifies how to profit from what’s about to happen while avoiding account-killing mistakes.

The secret is out for traders working with Simpler Trading.

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