Popcorn and trading?


Simpler Trading Team

Nov 11th 2020  .  2 min read

There’s something classic and comforting when it comes to cooler weather, grabbing some popcorn, and enjoying a cinematic treasure on TV.

For traders, we always seem to enjoy something more informative versus something that requires a tissue or two.

So dive into a bucket of popcorn and watch our weekly YouTube podcast, Trader Life ‘Hacks.’

There’s no holiday theme or romance, but what trader doesn’t love learning more about how to win in the stock market?

This weekly podcast connection features Christopher M. Uhl, “The 10 Minute Stock Trader,” and one of our Simpler Trading team members. They are live Wednesdays at 7 a.m. Central with each episode recorded.

This is an innovative “hang out” session with traders working to help others better understand and limit risk in this wild market. New and seasoned traders with small or large accounts can use these traders’ “hacks” and adapt them to their trading style.

Our traders cover hot topics in the markets with real-time insight into how things are setting up and how they plan to trade.

The Trader Life ‘Hacks’ podcast is like comfort food for traders working to navigate this volatile market.

Recent topics include:

  • “Inverse Head And Shoulders — Market’s Status On The Upcoming Election”
  • “How To Start Investing In ETFs And Build Passive Income”
  • “Stock Market Signals To Look At — Factors Affecting Momentum”

So, kick back and enjoy the next episode HERE.