Plan Keeps Trade Execution On Track


Simpler Trading Team

Apr 15th 2021  .  2 min read

The stock market surged today, and now is a great time to make sure your trading plan keeps you on track.

The Dow broke into record territory at 34,035.99 points to jump .90% (adding 305 points on the day). The Nasdaq surged to 14,038.76 points for a 1.31% spike while the S&P 500 rounded out the upside movement with a new high, gaining 1.11% to 4,170.42 points.

Market action is looking good into the week, but traders don’t ever want to lose their “arse” on a Friday. This market has proven shifty too often in the last year and things can go sideways fast.

Take off the rally hat and put on the discipline hat to check your trading plan.

If this market shifts you don’t want your trading account to be a bust. Leave the emotions aside and stay focused.

A sound, predetermined trading plan can keep traders on track.

We’re all human, so if you’re going to get overly excited when things are going your way in this market, let loose with any emotions after the closing bell. Don’t let that next — and certain — shift cause unnecessary frustration.

Let your trading plan be the guide for discipline and structure needed to navigate what the market delivers next.

Some might say a disciplined plan may not be needed.

Simpler’s traders — with a combined 200+ years of trading experience — won’t enter the markets without a trading plan.

A plan in place provides a purposeful pathway to profitability.

We Saw: Record-setting day in stock market — 

  • Dow surges above 34,000 for first time
  • S&P 500 posts its own record high
  • Nasdaq move closer to its all-time mark

We’re Watching: Opportunities to capitalize on market surge —

  • Eyeing any chances to profit on a pullback
  • Watching longer plays higher into the summer
  • Setups in: GME, TSLA, GOOGL, PINS