Microsoft Unveils Monthly AI Subscription, Stocks Surge $30


Simpler Trading Team

Jul 18th 2023  .  3 min read

Microsoft Pushes Boundaries with Innovative AI Subscription in 365 Suite

Microsoft Corporation, a prominent force in the technological landscape, is propelling significant advancements in artificial intelligence (AI). The company recently introduced ‘Copilot’, a new service within its Microsoft 365 suite. Despite being in the early stages of testing, Copilot is already generating considerable interest within the tech industry.

Copilot possesses several features aimed at enhancing productivity. These include the ability to prioritize incoming emails, provide summaries of meetings, assist in spreadsheet data analysis, offer writing prompts, and aid in presentation creation. These functions integrate seamlessly with various tools within the Microsoft 365 suite, including Teams, Excel, and Word.

A distinguishing attribute of Copilot is its capacity to access an extensive range of business data through the Microsoft Graph, encompassing emails, calendar entries, chat messages, and documents. Further bolstering its appeal, Copilot operates within the pre-established security, privacy, and compliance parameters defined by users for their Microsoft 365, ensuring a heightened level of safety.

However, it is important to note that the addition of Copilot to a company’s service suite could potentially lead to a significant increase in monthly costs—potentially as high as an 83% hike. Nonetheless, given its wide array of meticulously optimized features, many businesses may find the added cost justifiable.

At present, around 600 companies—including notable names such as Goodyear and General Motors—are participating in the initial testing stages of Copilot. While Microsoft has not yet provided a concrete timeline for its widespread release, anticipation within the tech industry is mounting.

This move by Microsoft not only seeks to enhance its user experiences but also to intensify the competitive landscape among other tech giants such as Google and IBM, each vying to offer innovative, user-centric AI tools.

In a related development, Microsoft has updated Bing Chat, its AI chatbot, to include a visual search feature, allowing users to upload photos and request more information about the image. This enhancement further augments Microsoft’s robust suite of AI-driven services.

Following the announcement of the AI subscription service, Microsoft witnessed an impressive 5.8% surge in its stock prices. As anticipation builds for the public rollout of Copilot, the tech industry remains keenly observant of the potential transformative impact this pioneering step could have on the future of AI tools.

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